Boys and girls nourishing themselves to avoid child malnutrition

Course in child malnutrition. 7 reasons to specialize

Childhood malnutrition is a heartbreaking problem that affects millions of children (and not so children). Sitting idly is not an option. Although we do not have the solution to world hunger, we can try to address one of its greatest consequences in the best way possible, the desnutrition.
In search of concrete solutions to this global challenge, and given the gap observed in the nutritional sphere in Development Cooperation, the need arises for specialized education through courses on malnutrition. Health professionals better trained in malnutrition will carry out actions with greater impact.

Empower yourself to be part of the solution!


How can you empower yourself?

Participating in a training itinerary to become a competent professional in addressing child malnutrition in the ground.

This training itinerary will give you the keys before going to the field to understand in detail the different forms of malnutrition. That is precisely the name of the first course in child malnutrition: “Malnutrition in all its forms".

It is designed so that you transform theoretical knowledge into practical skills.

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What are the differentiating elements of this course on child malnutrition?

This course on child malnutrition from NyH0 IT'S FOREVER! Yes, you read that right, for life. You start when you want and dedicate as much time as you can, at your own pace, no pressure. It will have frequent updates, videos, recorded classes, resources and a support to answer your questions and concerns.

This course on child malnutrition and the following ones will serve as complement of other training in International Cooperation and Global Health. It will give you that extra boost you need to properly address malnutrition and enrich your understanding of the problem.

Contents are based on science and prepared with a lot of dedication, effort and professionalism, 100% guaranteed. However, everything is open to improvement and subsequent feedback will be appreciated., positive and negative.Feedback courses on malnutrition matter to improve

What topics will you find in the course?

  • Malnutrition due to deficiency or undernourishment (acute malnutrition, marasmus, kwashiorkor, chronic malnutrition, global malnutrition or underweight, low birth weight, specific or continuous deficiencies of minerals and vitamins, institutional malnutrition, etc.).
  • Malnutrition due to imbalance.
  • Malnutrition due to excess, that is, overweight and obesity.
  • The specific diagnostic criteria for each form of malnutrition and the necessary tools to interpret anthropometric indicators and clinical manifestations.
  • Causes and consequences of primary malnutrition.
  • And more things...we don't like to make spoilers 😁​​.

child malnutrition agenda NyH0

What role does the State and International Cooperation have in child malnutrition?

The governments of each country and Development Cooperation play a crucial role in the fight against child malnutrition. However, today, although malnutrition is present in the political agendas (in some countries more than others...), I consider that is not focused as a high priority issue. And it is.

Despite advances in recent decades, food insecurity, hunger and malnutrition continue to be the reality of many families, especially in disadvantaged regions (although not exclusively in these). Everything is related in the development of a country. Boys and girls who experience delays in linear and intellectual growth for long periods perform less in school (if they are able to attend) and, consequently, become adults with lower potential at different levels. Thus, all public policies should always have health and nutrition as a central point. Long-term, a country whose people are malnourished will not make good progress in any other area.

We must continue creating strategic alliances between governments, non-governmental organizations, the private sector, associations and citizens to implement comprehensive programs and effective public policies around malnutrition. And not only implement new programs and policies but also evaluate existing ones to improve them.Alliances to eradicate hunger and malnutrition

How to approach the fight against child malnutrition?

It is important to go to the root of the problem. Initiatives to prevent and address malnutrition should not just focus on providing food (patches never work) but go beyond. Face all the socio-nutritional sphere, that is, everything that surrounds hunger, food insecurity and malnutrition. Address the environment and people's livelihoods, in other words, the social determinants of their health.

The basic premises are to promote the availability and access to food, promote healthy eating practices, improve drinking water infrastructure, facilitate access to health centers, etc., that is, influence the immediate, underlying and structural/basic causes of malnutrition.

Let's work together towards sustainable solutions that promote self-sufficiencyand equity. Let's fight for a future fair where no one has to suffer the devastating consequences of malnutrition. To be honest, none of us want to see sad and malnourished children. Quite the opposite, I guess we want to see that every child has the opportunity to grow and live happy and healthy.

Happy children without malnutrition

If you are still not convinced, let's recap the 7 reasons to train with our courses in child malnutrition

  1. You will learn some basics in nutrition/malnutrition, regardless of the healthcare field in which you work. Malnutrition is an urgent issue.
  2. You will be part of a community of health professionals with the same concerns. Surely, from here on, productive and remarkable synergies and relationships will be generated.
  3. You will access this course on child malnutrition whenever you want, at your own pace and without stress. Once inside, it's yours!
  4. You will have support for doubts and concerns about the content. You are not alone!
  5. It will serve you both individually and complemented with other training in International Cooperation and Global Health. One can never know too much.
  6. When you finish the complete itinerary, you will be able to study the possibility of doing professional volunteering in one of the organizations with which we are creating links. We want to create a contact gateway between organisations and qualified health professionals trained through NyH0 on the basis of real needs in these organisations.
  7. It's encouraging to know that it doesn't end here. The journey has only just begun!


We invite you to take the first course of the itinerary!

At NyH0 we want you to strengthen and expand your knowledge in a progressive and enjoyable way!

Together as health professionals, but above all as committed human beings, we can contribute to solid solutions and changes that make a difference.

Do you want information about the first course? ➱➱➱ Malnutrition in all its forms

child malnutrition courses coming soon

What are you waiting for to become a qualified professional in tackling child malnutrition?

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